Microsoft Launcher for Android – Is It Any Good?


Android being able to customize the look and feel is one of the key reasons why many people choose to use that operating system installing a new launcher is an excellent way to customize your phone with minimal effort there are several great launchers to choose from that can change the look of the.

home screen and app grid along with many other customization options to suit your needs one I’ve been testing out for the past month is Microsoft launcherI’ll share with you the key features that I like to go over some of the settings and let you know if it’s any good coming up on techno mode to install the Microsoft launcher.

it can be found on the Google Play Store it’s completely free with no in-app purchases so far the reviews are positive with more than half a million reviews its combined score is four point six out of five if you’rethe cynical type you’re probably thinking that most of these reviews can’t be real after all these are reviews of a Microsoft product and many people just love the trash Microsoft so let’s dive right in and take a look at this launcher in action to make it easier for you.

All to see I’m casting my phone screen to a PC the thought I’musing is the pixel to excel if you use another phone certain settings that I will show you may be in a different location currently the windows launcher is activated to switch between your launchers go to settings apps and notifications at the bottom select advanced default apps then select home app to.

Organized minimalistic setup

choose which launcher that you want active on your phone now we’re back on the home screen if you used earlier iterations of the Microsoft launcher they no longer have live tiles that were similar to what was found on WindowsPhones as you can see I prefer a somewhat organized minimalistic setup on my pages with their time and weather widget near the top swiping to the far left you’ll find a feed page that is similar to what can be found on Android with news and other stuff.

it’s a cool looking layout that Android should adopt selecting the menu icon in the top right of any card and selecting customized feed gives you the option to show or hide other cards that can be shown on the feed page hereat the top of any page is the search barBing is the default search engine there’s a barcode and QR scanner to the right of that if you press the microphone icon you can access Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

Cortana are you better than Google assistant I think we’re both pretty clever if you prefer Google assistant you can still hold down the home button to access are you better than Cortana full respecting an assistant isn’t easy to quickly access apps not visible on your screen select the app drawer button will get you to other apps installed on your device currently.

it’s in a vertical layout if you select the menu icon you can to switch this to a horizontal layout you long press on any app you can access shortcuts for that app selecting the X will remove that app from your page tapping the Edit icon allows you to change the name of the app and choose a new icon the icon pack I’m using for all my apps right now is viral another one of my favorites is Delta both are available in the Google Play Store you can easily switch them over by selecting any of those that are available.

I’ll leave it on the viral icon when you’refinished select done long-pressing on an empty area of your screen you can quickly look at all of your pages and widgets this time and weather widget is the one I’m using on my pages there’s a shortcut to the wallpaper settings and you can give feedback let’s jump into the launcher settings and I’ll show you which settings that.

I use that you can change to suit your needs here you’ll find accounts related to Microsoft and backup and restore which uses one drive in personalization there are several settings that can change the overall look in wallpaper you could select a wallpaper with many to choose from or you could wallpaper rotation my source is being wallpapered with Bing daily wallpaper turned on let’s head back on out in theme I have mine set to transparent other choices are light or dark you can also change the opacity blur and accent color in app folders.

you can change the look of the folders on your pages in-home screen most of these are self-explanatory selecting customized app icons and layout gives you the choice to change the columns and rows the size of the app icons and at the very bottom of this page is the most useful choice of them all if you have icon packs installed on your phone they’ll be listed here to easily switch all of your app icons to your desired icon pack I’m gonna leave mine on viral when finished making your selections select done and head back on out to the personalization screen.

I’ll skip over these other settings if you have an older phone it might be best for you to turn on high-performance mode for a smoother experience that’s about all I wanted to show you in settings so let’s back to the home screen. if you want more of a Microsoft experience while using their launcher they do have several apps available in the GooglePlay Store including Word Excel PowerPoint and many others so is Microsoft launcher any good my answer is yes it’s very good I would even go as far to say that.

it’s one of the best launchers for Android it’s shown a lot of improvement in a very short time but if you’re the type that’s into having a lot of customization options other launchers including Nova would probably be better suited for you hopefully in time Microsoft adds more customization options to their launcher if you haven’t used Microsoft luxury yet it’s worth checking out what’s your opinion do you think Microsoft has created a good launcher for Android and would you use it

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