Windows 10 Task Manager Tricks You Should Know

Windows 10 Task Manager Tricks

There are many ultimate new addons added by window 10 in these new versions of 2020. Here I will show you some cool settings Windows 10 Task Manager Tricks that will help you more in managing your window fast.

In this edition in our windows 10 tips and tricks series we’ll take a deeper dive into the task manager help you better monitor the processes programs and services running on your computer first let’s open the task manager there are several ways to get there let’s go through a few of those right now you could right-click on your taskbar and select task manager from the list another way is to go to the power user menu.

That’s sometimes called thealternative Start menu there’s a coupleways to open it in the lower left rightclick the start button or you could usethe keyboard shortcut Windows key + Xand Choose task manageranother method people still use is thekeyboard shortcut ctrl + Alt + delete.

which is Called the 3 fingersalute this will open the securityscreen Where You Are Able to launch the taskmanager but the quickest and easiest wayto open the task manager without usingyour mouse is to use the keyboardshortcut ctrl + Shift + Escape.

which will save you at least a couple steps ifyou have an app or program That’s completely non-responsive You Might select it from the task manager andclick on + task but this could Lead to you losing your data before doing this.

It May Be best to use the analyze weight chain feature it’ll show you if a process is waiting on another process causing the program to freeze here at the top let’s go to the details tab find the Procedure in the list right-click on it and select analyze weight chainI’m not having any problems at this moment so.

Task Manager Tricks Cool Setting

I won’t do this but if you find an issue where you would Pick the procedure and click on and process this might help to solve your problem with a frozen program Without Needing to fully close that program Should You Ever find yourself having problems with the taskbar Start menu File Explorer or any other built-in user interface component rather than restarting your computer try this first to save some time in the processes tab.

find Windows Explorerright-click on it anduse restartfor a brief moment you’ll notice certainelements are no longer visible and whenthey come back They Ought to be workingproperly let’s now head over to theperformance tab this is where you canmonitor your computer’s performance toavoid distractions.

I’ll go to See and pause the update speed in the left pane you can keep an eye on your CPU memory disks Ethernet and Wi-Fi and your GPUslet’s go-to CPU as most of you know computers Nowadays have multiple cores to Make Certain That the processing load is being dispersed to all cores right-click in the graph area move your cursor overchange graph to and select logical processors now instead of seeing your overall CPU utilization now you can see how each core is being utilized if you ever need assistance diagnosing any issue with performance on a tech support forum.

It May help to have a copy of your performance data with any tab selected on the left right-click anywhere inside this window and Choose copy now just paste it wherever you need it should You Ever want to nerd out at the bottom of this window click open resource monitor you’ll find a lot of information here including real-time data about your CPU memory disk and network.

If You Would like to continuouslymonitor your system performance youmight prefer the summary view in theleft sidebar right click and choosesummary view the smaller box can bemoved to any place on your desktop ifyou Only Want to see the current graphright-click anywhere here on the Ideal and Choose graph summary view if youever see a process you don’t know thatlooks suspicious it’s easy to Learn what it is in the processes tabright-click on any process and in thelist select search online in your browser.

it will launch a Bing searchgiving you details about that processthere may be times you Want tono details about a process you could addextra columns by right-clicking in theheader area two columns Which Are especially useful include publisher andprocess name with the process name itwill show you the executable name of theprocess if it doesn’t resemble theactual name of the process.

Which May because for concernand if you Find a publisher you don’trecognize you Might Need to do research tofind out if they’re legit before movingforward I’m gonna Eliminate status it’snot too beneficial and condense thecolumns to see more information withoutmaking the window bigger in the memorydisk and network columns you’ll seeabsolute values in megabytes andmegabits in the.

Event That You’d rather see a percentage that each Procedure takes upright-click in any column go-to resource values and you can change each of the three individually having these setup percentage might help to better locate any resource hogs on your system if you ever have difficulty finding the install location of any program this tip might be the most useful for some of you with the program running right click on the procedure and select open file location wasn’t that quick and easy.

it sure beatsthe hassle of navigating through thatExplorer for this next one let’s go tothe startup tab if your computer isbooting up slowly Visit the startupimpact column to see which programs.

May Be causing the bootup process to slow down while you’re here it May Be a Fantastic idea to disable programs you don’t need at startup thanks for watching if this video is useful for you to give it a thumbs up and share with others if You’ve Got a task manager tip or trick not mentioned let us know about it in the comments and if you’re new to this channel subscribe and click the bell so you don’t miss out on the Most Recent with Windows 10 and other tech-related stuff.

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