Windows 10 Ultimate Performance How To Do Faster

Windows 10 Ultimate Performance

Windows 10 Ultimate Performance: How To & Benchmarks A while back Microsoft added a new power plan they call ultimate performance some of you have asked if it’s worth using so in this quick video, I’ll give details of what the ultimate performance power plan is and what it does also show you how to make it visible and your power plan settings and enable it after that I’ll show the results of the benchmarks.

I conducted and let you know if the so-called ultimate performance mode is worth using first I’ll show you how to enable the ultimate performance power plan let’s open the Settings app you could use the Windows key + I or go to start in the lower left and select the Settings icon go to system and the left pane select power and sleepover here to the right-click the link for additional power settings in the new window.

Ultimate Performance How To Do Faster

Click show additional plans if you don’t see ultimate performance listed I’ll show you how to add it coming up if it’s visible for you click on it to enable it here’s a brief description for you ultimate performance is intended for high power systems as Microsoft describes.

it this new plan builds upon the high-performance plan to further eliminate micro agencies associated with fine-grained power management techniques in layman’s terms ultimate performance reduces the warmup period your hardware needs could consume all the power it wants at that moment which will improve the speeds on computers.

whose Hardware constantly goes in and out of an idle State for example with ultimate performance enabled you’ll experience less lag if you do 3d design or some other tasks that can cause irregular heavy loads to your CPU GPU or other Hardware on your system one downside to ultimate performance is that it will consume more power on the laptop.

it’s advised to keep it plugged in while this is enabled for those of you that don’t see the ultimate performance plan let’s close out both settings windows you can add it using either the command prompt or a PowerShell as an administrator the command line is the same for both for this one we’ll use the command prompt and the lower-left go to the search box and type CMD right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator type the following command power CFG space – type the word duplicate scheme space is an Edward 9 a is an apple 42 B as in Bravo 0 – – D is in David 5 D is in David even frank – 4 4 8 d is in David – a is an Apple is an apple 0 0 – 0 3 episode Frank 1 4 7 4 9 he is an Edward B as in Bravo 61 if you don’t want to type this out I’ll post this in the description if you’d prefer to just copy and paste.

when you’re done hit enter on your keyboard then close out the command prompt window now when you go to the list of power plans ultimate performance should be listed prior to making this video I use the 3d mark computer benchmarking tool to determine the performance of the 3d graphics rendering and CPU workload processing capabilities using each of the power plants listed earlier the higher the score the better performance the variables were exactly the same for each test with no other program running.

Here are the results in power saver mode the overall score was 7925 switching to the balanced power plan saw a huge jump to 8000 597 a surprising result with high performance is that the score of 8685 in higher than high performance so if your system needs an extra boost yes the ultimate performance might be worth using for you even though you might not notice much of a difference over the high-performance power plan and remember that using ultimate performance does consume more power.

so the trade-off might not be worth it thanks for watching links are in the description. if this video is useful for you to give it a thumbs up if you’ve used the ultimate performance power plan let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed any improvement over the other power plans available and if you haven’t done so already subscribe and click the bell to stay up to date with the latest in technology.

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